A good night’s sleep is important to your overall health and well-being. At Majestic we carry a wide range of locally made organic latex and memory foam mattresses to help you in your quest for a better night’s sleep.

The foundation of any mattress is the support system. We use only the highest quality support materials sourced from our trusted network of suppliers. Our long-term relationships combined with our own experience has given us the flexibility and knowledge to engineer a new way of making mattresses. Whether we’re using Canadian made memory foam or organic Dunlop latex from the famous Kottayam region of India, you can be assured all our mattress are made from the highest quality materials available.

However, premium materials are just one part of the sleep equation. An equally important aspect is how those materials adapt to you. Our transparent and adaptable My Mattress, My Way modular mattress system allows us to fine tune any mattress to your specific needs.

Tailoring a mattress to your specifications may sound complicated but it’s actually very easy. Simply pick from one of our pre-configured mattresses and our low-pressure team of sleep experts will guide you the rest of the way. If you want to get a little more adventurous you can visit our DIY mattress area to build your own custom mattress in store or online.  

Although we try to get the best mattress for you the first time, we realize that your new mattress may be need some adjusting after hours of in home testing. No need to worry. Our 120-day comfort guarantee covers that. Each My Mattress, My Way mattress comes with a top-zippered cover, so you can make easy comfort adjustments after weeks or months of in home testing.

You should be waking up rejuvenated rather than sore and exhausted from a night spent tossing and turning. Invest in yourself and choose a mattress that’s built for you.

Are you short for space and need a guest bed? We also have an option for that. Our versatile, space saving Tri-Fold mattresses are perfect for guests and can be used as stylish ottoman when not being used as a bed.

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