Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds, also called sleeper ottomans, are great for those who only need an additional bed on occasion. This style of bed can be used as a guest bed whenever you have visitors in your home. Throughout the rest of the year, you can fold up the mattress and add a slip cover to use it as an ottoman. This way, you won't have a full-sized guest bed taking up space when you only need it a few times a year. 

Comfort and Convenience with Folding Mattresses 

Folding mattresses deliver all of the comfort of a regular bed but without the need for a large, permanent space to house them. When your guests arrive, simply unfold the bed and you're good to go! After your guests have gone home, the mattress is easy to fold back up again, enabling you to use the room for whatever purpose you like. You can store the mattress in a closet for safe keeping or make it do double-duty as an ottoman in any room in your home. 

Our folding mattresses come in two sizes: cot and twin. You also have the option of choosing between 4-inch and 5-inch thicknesses, as well as medium-density or high-density, depending on your needs. We recommend the higher density for those who intend to use the mattress frequently. 

If you are thinking that cot and twin sizes are too small for your guests, there is no need to worry. You can lay two cot mattresses side by side to create a queen-size bed or two twin mattresses to mimic a king-size bed. Simply cover the two mattresses with a fitted sheet for the larger size and your guests likely won't even know the difference! 

Use Your Folding Mattress as an Ottoman All Year Long 

The best thing about our folding mattresses is that they are easy to convert into ottomans. We offer a variety of slip covers, enabling you to create the perfect sleeper ottoman to match the rest of your decor. Choose from a variety of fabric styles and colours to suit your space. You can even choose several so you can switch up the look as you please! This way, your ottoman bed isn't just a functional piece of furniture but also a stylish one. 

Ottoman beds can also be used as chairs or benches, not just ottomans. We have a selection of cushions that you can add to your sleeper ottoman to provide back support when used as a seat. Choose cushions in the same fabric as the slip cover for a cohesive look, or go for a contrasting hue for more visual impact. 

Make your selection from the many pre-configured styles we have available or get in touch with us to learn more about our customization options. 

Sleeper Ottoman (Grade "A" Fabric) from $279.00 $388.00
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Sleeper Ottoman (Grade "A" Fabric) from $279.00 $388.00
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