The Opus Organic Mattress

Composed of four latex layers, each 2 inches deep, the 8-inch Opus mattress is a great option for those who want a sleeping surface with softness on top. Laying down at night should feel luxurious and relaxing, but many softer sleeping surfaces compromise support. Not the Opus! Its firm base and supportive layers mean that you can relax into the softness of your mattress and still feel supported at night and rested when you wake. The latex layers in the Opus can also be rearranged to find just the right level of support for the sleeper. This is particularly helpful if a sleeper’s needs for their mattress change over time; rearranging the layers can give the mattress a whole new feel.


Medium Firm Mattress Firmness

Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton
Quilting: PureEmbrace Wool
Base: 100% Organic Cotton
Zipper: Brass
Interior Sleeves: 3oz 100% Organic Cotton 
Comfort Layer: 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex (20 ILD)
Transition Layer: 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex (20 ILD)
Transition Layer: 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex (30 ILD)
Base Layer: 2” GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex (40 ILD)

  • Organic Dunlop Latex

    made with pure GOLS organic Dunlop latex for unparalleled support and comfort

  • Pure Virgin Wool

    the pure wool quilting regulates body temperature while doubling as a natural fire barrier

  • Organic Cotton

    the soft, breathable 100% organic cotton cover seamlessly adjusts to your body while maximizing the benefits of organic latex and wool

  • Comfort Guarantee

    our component based mattress system combined with our 120-day comfort guarantee ensures you get a mattress that works for you

  • 25 Year Warranty

    we stand behind our mattresses with an industry leading warranty

  • Made in Canada

    each mattress is hand sewn and assembled in Delta, BC by expert craftspeople