Mattress Sizes

The Majestic collection of organic latex mattresses brings a unique range of comfort and support levels to any bed — and we’re here to help you find your perfect match.

With a selection of mattress sizes available to you, the buying process can often be confusing. It’s usually a matter of personal preference — would you rather sleep on a king-sized mattress with plenty of space for yourself, your partner, and occasionally your furry friend? If shopping for kids’ mattresses, would you like to future-proof their room with a mattress they aren’t likely to overgrow in the next couple of years?

Explore our mattress size guide below.

King Mattress

At 76 by 80 inches, a king mattress is the equal of two twin beds pushed together. It offers maximum personal sleeping space for couples and is equally suitable for young children sharing the same bed. It’s also a good option if you routinely share your bed with younger children or pets.

King Size Mattress

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Queen Mattress

Considered the most popular mattress size available, a queen mattress measures 60 by 80 inches, adding 7 inches to the width and another 5 inches to the length of a double mattress. It’s an excellent choice for couples that don’t need as much personal sleeping space, or single sleepers who enjoy the great level of comfort proffered by a bigger mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

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Double Mattress

Smaller than a queen mattress, the double mattress measures 53 by 75 inches, offering a notable upgrade from a twin. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for young children and teenagers, as it can comfortably accommodate the needs of a growing kid. While suitable for single sleepers, some adults may find the double mattress rather short — so if you’re on the taller side, you may want to consider a queen mattress instead.

Double Size Mattress

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Twin XL Mattress

While there isn’t much difference between a twin and twin XL mattress, the latter adds an extra 5 inches to the length of the former, totalling 38 by 80 inches in size. The twin XL mattress is an excellent option in tighter bedrooms and is a common size in college dormitories.  

Twin XL Size Mattress

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Twin Mattress

A twin — or single — mattress is the smallest possible mattress for a single sleeper. Its 38 by 75-inch sleeping surface provides ample space to growing children — from toddlerhood through to teenage years — and makes for a very economical option if either budget or space is limited. Also, the slim profile of a twin mattress allows for easy stacking and fitting side by side in shared kids' bedrooms and guestrooms.  

Twin Size Mattress

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Custom Mattress Sizes

When you fancy a truly high-end sleeping experience that none of the other mattress sizes can provide, why not invest in a custom mattress sized to your needs? At Nature’s Embrace, our expert mattress makers can build the mattress of your dreams. Contact us today!

California King Mattress

If you have a particularly large bedroom, a California king mattress can really give your space a luxurious feel. Also known as a Cal king mattress, it takes four inches from the width of a regular king mattress and adds it to the length, ensuring taller individuals can sleep comfortably as well.

California King Size Mattress

Alaska King Mattress

Meet the biggest king mattress on the market — the Alaska king mattress. At 108 x 108 inches, it’s a great option for couples routinely sharing the bed with their children, and also for several young children sharing the same bed.

Alaska King Size Mattress

Double XL Mattress

Similar in concept to the twin XL, the double XL mattress adds an extra 5 inches to the length of a regular double mattress so as to accommodate taller sleepers.

Double XL Size Mattress