Why Choose Organic Latex?

You may be asking yourself why you should purchase an organic latex mattress over a natural or blended latex mattress. To answer this question, you need to examine several key factors.


Latex is an extremely durable and supportive material. However, it’s also a very expensive material that is often mixed with filler materials to lower the cost. Replacing natural latex with filler materials results in a loss of comfort, durability, and support. Thankfully, these are forbidden under the GOLS standard.

The GOLS purity guidelines state:

Fillers are often naturally based and natural latex almost always contains some level of filler. These content guidelines take the uncertainty out of it and ensure that you're receiving the maximum comfort, support and durability characteristics inherent to organic latex.


Virtually every synthetic material is made entirely or in part from petrochemicals. The overwhelming scientific consensus states that fossil fuels have a long-term negative effect on the environment. Now more than ever It’s more important to use sustainable products if we all want to see a better tomorrow.

The GOLS Organic standard has strict environmental standards that ensure latex rubber is being farmed, harvested and manufactured in a way that minimizes the environmental impact.

These guidelines ensure:

These requirements guarantee organic latex is produced in a sustainable way that minimizes our environmental impact


In the modern age of global supply chains, it’s important to know that workers, wherever they are located, are being treated fairly.

Workers under the GOLS social code:

These important guidelines ensure that can you have peace of mind knowing all people in the supply chain were treated in a just and fair manner.

Remember that not all latex is natural latex, and not all natural latex is pure and/or organic. So always check the fine print on your latex mattresses to make sure that you’re getting a mattress made from GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. It's the only way to be sure you're getting a product that’s great for the environment, great for your health, and great for the world too!

Now that you know where latex comes from, how it can benefit you and why organic is so important; it's time to find out how make make the best organic latex mattresses tailored to you. Learn about our innovative My Mattress, My Way here. 

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