10 Organic Mattress (Draft)


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The Hevean 10 Organic Mattress is the most comfortable organic latex mattress you will ever experience. Constructed from five layers of organic latex, this mattress offers an unparalleled level of deep, restful sleep.

The Hevean 10 incorporates five 2” layers of latex. One base layers, two transition layers, and two comfort layers can all be rearranged to provide a truly customized sleeping experience. This level of detail is fantastic for people who need varying levels of firmness, such as athletes or those with chronic pain. The firmness of the mattress can be adjusted depending on current needs.

Tailored Mattresses for Every Sleeping Style

Our Hevean Mattresses are component based mattresses are constructed of loose 2" layers of latex than can be adjusted to fit after you've tried in home. The cover open up around the top perimeter for easy layer adjustments.  


120 Day Layer Exchange and Lifetime Loyalty Bonus

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Did you know?

Latex Mattresses require a proper foundation to ensure Warranty coverage and maximize the comfort, support and durability of your mattress. Our foundations are engineered for the unique demands of latex and they're 40% off when purchased with a mattress (must be shipped at the same time).  

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