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We are discontinuing our Medium-Firm (35 ILD) latex cores and have compiled all our remaining stock to offer select mattresses at amazing prices.

Our Closeout Latex Mattresses comes in 6" or 8" thick with your choice of a Bamboo or Cotton & Wool cover. All our Closeout latex mattresses are built using a solid 6" core like our regular Classic Series, but instead of a Firm core these mattresses use a Medium-Firm (35 ILD). The 8" option combines the Medium-Firm core with a 2" Soft comfort layer to create a mattress more suitable for adults.

These mattresses do use a slightly lower density of latex which creates a softer mattress overall than you would find in our regular offerings. We recommend these models for smaller individuals such as children, teenagers or lighter adults. If you want thicker or firmer you can check out the Classic Series mattresses orcombine with a latex mattress topper to build your own comfort.

Quantities are limited and only select sizes are available. Once they're gone they're gone.

This is a closeout item and non-refundable once the order is placed. The regular Classic Series warranty applies.

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