Hevean 8 Latex Mattress


Laying down at night should feel luxurious and relaxing, but many mattresses sacrifice either comfort or support. Not the Hevean! Composed of four latex layers, each 2 inches deep, the 8-inch Hevean 8 Latex Mattress is a great entry point into our component based 100% latex mattresses. Our unique multi-layer construction means that you can relax into the softness of your mattress and still feel supported at night and rested when you wake. The latex layers can even be rearranged to find just the right level of support and comfort for your sleeping styles. This is particularly helpful if a sleeper’s needs for their mattress change over time; rearranging the layers can give the mattress a whole new feel.

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Hevean 8 Latex Mattress Diagram

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