Hevean 8 Organic Mattress

With four layers of organic latex to maximize comfort, the Hevean 8 Organic Mattress combines comfort with environmental sustainability. Organic latex means that when the sleeper lies down, they don’t need to worry about inhaling potentially harmful chemicals or harmful off-gassing. The top and base of the mattress are 100% organic cotton, with PureEmbrace wool batting. The Hevean 8 features a base layer of latex, giving it the ideal sturdy bottom, and then three layers of comfort and transition latex. The different density layers can be rearranged to find just the right comfort for the sleeper. The Hevean 8 has a just-right feel that gives the typical sleeper all the benefits of a high-quality organic latex mattress.

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Hevean 8 Latex Mattress Diagram

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