Shredded Organic Latex Pillow

If you love all things organic, our GOLS-certified Shredded Organic Latex Pillow may be just what you're looking for. Made from all-natural 100% tree rubber, this pillow is an ideal choice if you want a safe and comfortable material in close contact with your head and neck all night.

Made with small shredded chunks of latex, it won't shift and clump when you move and is perfect for those who like to fluff and mould their pillows to the perfect shape. It is also hypoallergenic and mould and mildew resistant. Perfect for hot sleepers as well!

This pillow includes a luxurious organic cotton covering that increases the durability and breathability of the pillow. The covering will protect your brand new, super comfy pillow from normal wear and tear, extending its lifetime. 

Fabric: 3oz 100% Organic Cotton
Zipper: Nylon

Foam: Shredded GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex 

Pickup: Free, Ontario-West: $25, Quebec-East: $40


  • Organic Latex

    made with pure GOLS organic Dunlop latex for unparalleled support and comfort

  • Pure Cotton

    the soft, breathable 100% organic cotton cover seamlessly adjusts to your body to maximise the benefits of organic latex

  • Sustainable

    biodegradable organic materials reduce our impact on the environment

  • Comfortable

    latex pillows are more supportive than traditional pillows filled with synthetic fibres

  • Warranty

    1 year limited warranty against material defects

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