The Luxury Plush Futon Mattress

Futons are a mainstay dual-purpose piece of furniture for modern living as many homes are smaller and people are trying to make their space do more. Instead of trying to squeeze a guest room into the budget, many people choose to put a futon in an office and then use it when they need an extra sleeping space.  

Our Luxury Plush Futon Mattress is made from 2lb high-density foam, which makes it suitable for everyday use either as a sleeping surface or a sitting space. It’s also the softest of our futon mattress line. Your guests will be begging to stay at your house just for a chance to sleep on this incredibly comfortable and soft mattress. If you’re looking for a luxury futon mattress that will be regularly used, this is the best option for you.  

White (100% Polyester)

Fill Layers
Comfort Layer: 2" High Resilience Bio Foam
Batting: 6 Layers 100% Cotton Batting
Foam: 3 Layers 2lb High Density BioFoam



  • Cotton

    pure virgin cotton batting

  • BioFoam

    plant based support layers provide added support, comfort and durability

  • Warranty

    limited 5 year warranty

  • Buy Local

    handmade in Canada