Mattress Firmness

When it comes to finding your perfect mattress, one of the most important aspects to consider is firmness.

While many people tend to associate firmness with support, the two are completely different terms used to describe completely different properties of a mattress. Firmness essentially refers to the feel of the mattress in terms of comfort and it’s often very subjective — what your partner finds comfortable may feel either too soft or too firm for you, preventing you from enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standardized measurement for mattress firmness, which means different companies use different forms of categorization to label their products. To top it off, it isn’t possible to compare latex and memory foam against other materials due to their unique properties. Take latex, for instance — even the mattress with the smallest firmness rating will be functionally firm and offer exceptional support and comfort.

Find the Best Mattress for Your Sleeping Style

Different firmness ratings suit different sleeping styles and positions. To help you find the mattress of your dreams, we’ve put together a handy guide packed with information on the different firmness levels available here at Majestic Sit & Sleep.


Mattresses with a medium firmness rating will almost always appeal to side sleepers thanks to their ability to conform to pressure points in the hips and shoulders — not to mention that arm that often gets tucked beneath, causing numbness and tingling. Softer mattresses also let you “sink in” when sleeping, without compromising on that little push-back on the areas that need a bit of extra support.

Medium Mattress Firmness

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While medium/firm mattresses are excellent for all sleeping styles, they’re more geared towards side sleepers and those who change their position frequently during the night. They offer a good level of comfort and support, as well as excellent conformability to your body without allowing you to sink too deeply. Sleepers who prefer sleeping on their back will find a medium/firm mattress more comfortable because of the enhanced lower back support.

Medium-Firm Mattresses

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This type of mattress is indicated for both front and back sleepers as it maintains the back in a comfortable and relatively stable position without allowing them to sink too deeply. Stomach sleepers almost always experience more pressure in the hips and pelvis, and this further increases their likelihood to sink lower than the rest of the body. This, in turn, creates an unnatural curve in the spine and leads to back pain and discomfort in the morning.

Firm Mattresses

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Extra Firm

Sometimes called an orthopedic mattress, this type of mattress ensures proper support to the entire body, which can greatly help if you suffer from back issues. An extra-firm mattress is also suitable for stomach and back sleepers who prefer the sturdiest and most supportive type of mattress available. Individuals with a more slender build may want to consider a slightly softer mattress to avoid unnecessary strain on their backs.

Extra Firm Mattresses

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