Benefits of Latex Mattresses

Due to their durability and comfort, latex mattresses are among the most popular types of mattresses available today. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that latex has a much better recovery rate than memory foam, but there are multiple other benefits as well. Let's take a look at some of them. 

Extreme Comfort and Support

Yes, that's right. Organic latex mattresses are both comfortable and supportive. Organic Latex is an ultra high-resilience foam that has a softer surface feel while maintaining a functionally firm overall profile. The technical term for this is Compression Modulus (or Support Factor). Organic Dunlop Latex has the highest Support Factor of any mattress material. 

This combination of surface softness and deep up-lifting support relieves pressure on your hips and shoulder while maintaining correct spine and neck alignment. By keeping your posture aligned while you sleep, it offers amazing pain reduction and prevention. They also offer motion isolation, meaning a restless bed partner is less likely to keep you awake all night!

A Naturally Health-Conscious Choice

Organic latex mattresses are the healthier mattress choice available. The combination of organic content, antimicrobial properties and dust mite resistance is unparalleled by any other mattress. Additionally, organic latex is certified to be free of harmful substances and emissions, ensuring no harmful chemicals are being released into your sleep environment. While you may detect a very faint, slightly sweet scent from the natural latex, it is by no means an unpleasant one.

Natural and Sustainable

Organic latex is a renewable resource harvested seasonally from mature rubber trees on certified organic farms. A properly cared for Rubber Tree can provide latex for up to 25 years, during which time it plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gases.

At Majestic we only use GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. Which means our mattresses are not just the best health-conscious option; they’re also the most eco-friendly option. Our mattresses are good for you and great for the environment. What’s not to love?


If cared for properly, a organic latex mattress can last up to 25 years. And because our organic latex mattresses are constructed in layers, that mattress can re-rejuvenated at any time should your needs change. This means that just one mattress can last you an entire lifetime!

Even though latex is extremely long lasting it is fully biodegradable so you don't need to worry about the environmental impact when you eventually need to get a new mattress. 

Natural Climate Control

There is another benefit to natural latex mattresses, but by no means is it less important. Thanks to its open cell structure, latex mattresses are breathable and allow air to move freely through them. If you are a hot sleeper, it is important to note that latex mattresses sleep a lot cooler than memory foam ones do.

For the ultimate in breathability we recommend that your mattress cover and bedding should also be made of breathable materials such as cotton and wool. Sleep well! Why Choose Organic Latex? Read on to learn more.

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