Standard Organic Latex Pillow

Memory foam pillows are great, feather pillows are a familiar favourite. But all-natural GOLS-certified Standard Organic Latex Pillows are a fantastic option if you want a healthy, luxurious night's sleep. They are naturally antimicrobial, dust-mite-resistant, and mould resistant. 

Made from 100% natural tree rubber and clad in an organic cotton cover, these pillows will ensure you get a good night of rest, free from irritating chemicals. Firm but soft latex conforms naturally to your sleeping position, adjusting to cradle your head and neck and thereby relieving neck and spinal pain. 

The natural pinhole effect of all-natural latex and the cotton covering makes them fully breathable and perfect for warm sleepers - no matter the weather. In short, these pillows are the ultimate in comfort and support. They come in two different sizes - which both fit in a standard pillowcase with ease.

Fabric: 3oz 100% Organic Cotton (the colour may be different than pictured)

Foam: Standard GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex 

  • Organic Latex

    made with pure GOLS organic Dunlop latex for unparalleled support and comfort

  • Pure Cotton

    the soft, breathable 100% organic cotton cover seamlessly adjusts to your body to maximise the benefits of organic latex

  • Sustainable

    biodegradable organic materials reduce our impact on the environment

  • Comfortable

    latex pillows are more supportive than traditional pillows filled with synthetic fibres

  • Warranty

    1 year limited warranty against material defects

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