Wool Pillow

Wool pillows are an extremely comfortable, safe, and healthy alternative to any type of synthetic pillow. Super soft and fluffy knops (also known as batts or balls) of wool are covered in a 100% organic cotton cover for the ultimate in luxurious comfort.

Known to help relieve back pain, ease arthritis-related aches, and soothe painful pressure points, you're sure to experience a good night's rest. Our Wool Pillows are completely biodegradable and thus fantastically healthy for the planet. They are also naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant so they're a healthy choice for you too!

The soft woolen filling warms without overheating and never leaves you feeling clammy. Plus it is naturally flame resistant and 100% safe for children. Thanks to how easy it is to mould and shape, it is perfect for back, side or stomach sleepers as well. Made in Canada.

100% Cotton

Wool Knops



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  • Breathable

    wool naturally regulates body temperature

  • Pure Cotton

    the breathable 100% cotton cover maximises the temperature regulating benefits of wool

  • Sustainable

    biodegradable natural materials reduce our impact on the environment

  • Comfortable

    adjustable wool fill ensure the perfect fit

  • Warranty

    1 year limited warranty against material defects

  • Buy Local

    made in North Vancouver with British wool.