My Mattress, My Way

Here at Majestic, we’ve been listening to what our customers want from their ideal mattress for years. And based on feedback from hundreds, if not thousands of people with their own unique needs, we developed the My Mattress, My Way layer-based mattress system. We’ve turned what can be a lengthy and frustrating experience into a user-friendly one that makes finding your perfect mattress easier than ever.

Thanks to our system that uses layers of your choice of material and thickness inside your choice of zippered cover, it’s all up to you. Change a single layer, and change the entire feel of your custom DIY mattress

Comfort for Today

We have a number of pre-assembled latex mattresses, organic latex mattresses, or hybrid mattresses that we’ve created based on the most common needs of our customers. These are a great starting place for people who aren’t exactly certain what is right for them.

And if you find that one of these ready-made mattresses are not quite right, then our 120-Day Comfort Guarantee means you can exchange any of the layers in an 8-inch or thicker mattress to get that perfect blend of comfort and support you’ve always wanted.


Maybe you’ve been mattress shopping for a while, or you’ve bought more than a few mattresses over the years, so you know exactly what you like and how your mattress should feel. Then you can design your own mattress from scratch. Choose your support or core layers, the transition layers, and the comfort layers from any of the thickness and material options we provide.

These include organic latex, memory foam, high-density BioFoam, and pocket coil options in thicknesses ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches each. So many choices allow mattress connoisseurs to make their own creations to meet their unique needs. 

All of our layered mattresses are made with a top-zippered cover that allows you to easily make adjustments to your mattress at home. With our 120-Day Comfort Guarantee you can exchange up to two of the layers in your mattress, and it will only cost you shipping.

Note: If your new layer is more expensive than the old one, you’ll only pay the difference.

Comfort for Life

We’re so sure of our mattresses that our commitment to comfort doesn’t end after 120 days. We want to reward you for choosing Majestic as your ultimate mattress providers, so all of our MMMW mattresses come with a lifetime customer loyalty bonus.

Our mattresses are durable and can last for decades. But things can happen. Your mattress might get damaged in a move. Or maybe you’re getting older and your comfort needs have changed. Maybe you decided to make that spare room mattress a little more comfortable with a topper.

Whatever you need, it’s no problem. At any time during the warranty period of your Majestic mattress, you can buy additional layers with a 35 percent discount off the current regular retail price.

We believe in the quality of our mattresses, and this is our way of thanking you for believing in them too! Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and you can find all the details on our 120-Day Comfort Guarantee here.

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