Chair Beds

Chair beds are great for those who are short on space as they can do double-duty. By day, they function as comfortable chairs, and by night, they convert into plush guest beds. Simply fold up the internal mattress and top it with a sleek slip cover when not in use. This prevents you from wasting precious space with a guest bed that only gets used sporadically. With a chair bed, you can make great use of this piece of furniture all year long. 

Folding Mattresses Deliver Comfort and Convenience 

Our folding mattresses are perfect for giving your guests the comfort they crave while also offering the convenience you need. However, this doesn't mean that we've sacrificed on comfort. Our innovative, high-density foam strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort so your guests can rest easy. 

When it comes to our folding mattresses, you'll have two primary size options: cot and twin. Push two cots together to create a queen, or use two twins to make a king. With a fitted sheet covering both mattresses together, you won't even be able to tell the difference. You can also choose a 4-inch or 5-inch thickness, in addition to medium-density or high-density foam to suit your needs and preferences. If you expect to use your folding mattress and chair bed frequently, the higher-density foam will provide the greatest longevity. 

Style Your Chair Bed as You Please 

With our chair beds, you are free to customize your look as you see fit. We offer dozens of pre-made slip cover styles for you to choose from, making it easy to match your chair bed to your existing decor. Choose from a wide range of colours and styles to complement your home's design or get in touch with us to create a custom design to achieve your desired look. Our associates are always happy to help so don't be shy about getting in touch! 

In addition to slip covers, we also provide modular cushions to create the backrest for your chair bed. You can also add additional pillows to customize the look even further. To convert the chair into a bed, simply remove the cushions and slip cover to unfold the mattress. Add some sheets and blankets, and you're good to go! 

All of our products are made right here in Canada and come with a 1-year warranty. Get in touch with us today to order a new chair bed for your home! 

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