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The All Cotton Futon Mattress is our most traditional futon mattress option.As the name implies, this mattress is made entirely of cotton, with no foam, so it can only be used as a bed. It comes in 6, 8, 10, and 12 layer options so you can choose the thickness you want. 

  • The finished size will be approximately 2-3" less than the layer count. For example, a Queen 10 Layer will be approximately 7-8" thick.

  • The length and width may be slightly smaller than standard measurements out of the package (1-4") but will expand naturally with use or by manual stretching.

  • Due to the nature of cotton batting, we cannot guarantee specific finished sizes, and the above is a general guideline only.

  • Statistically speaking, your old futon mattress probably contained some foam if it was made in the last 30 years.

  • Raw cotton batting is not completely odourless. The majority of people won't smell anything, but people with smell sensitivities may notice an earthy smell.

  • All-cotton mattresses are at their softest level new and will get progressively firmer as the cotton compacts.

  • Constant turning, flipping, pounding and rolling is required to ensure even wear.

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